5 Doable Tips to Keep Skin Moisturized

One of the most essential beauty routine that should never be missed is moisturization. Keeping one skin moisturized is very important as it can dictate not only the appearance but even the quality of the skin.

Skin that lacks moisture is not only dry, but is also more prone to wrinkles, sagging, breakouts and other signs of skin aging. It also lessens the elasticity of the skin and presents an unhealthy-looking complexion.

Since keeping the skin moisturized is one of the key steps in caring for the skin, here are five of the most doable tips that will ensure through hydration of your complexion:

TIP! Your lips are a sensitive part of your body that is almost always exposed to the elements. It is a good idea to use balms and salves regularly.

Tip 1: Keep scrubbing in check – if you are one of those people who scrub vigorously like a surgeon about to perform a surgery, you may want to take it down a notch. Over scrubbing will strip your skin of natural oils and moisture, thus leaving it dry and more prone to irritation. Remember that dead skin cells can readily be taken off just by using a soft bath cloth or even the palm of your hands. Also do not forget to use mild cleansers and not too much of those alcohol-based, “anti-germicidal/bacterial” soaps but rather natural and moisture-rich cleansers to keep as much moisture in your skin.

Tip 2: Keep yourself hydrated – one of the easiest and cheapest ways to maintain moisture is by drinking lots of water. Depending on your lifestyle, you need at least 8 glasses of water everyday, minus other kinds of liquids like juice, coffee, etc. If you spend most of your time outside then you would need to increase your water intake to at least 10-12 glasses. Water will not only help your body to detoxify but also replenish loss moisture in your skin.

Tip 3: Choose a moisturizer appropriate to your skin type – one of the most basic information that you should know with regard to caring for your skin is your skin type because you should always purchase skin care products that is most suitable to your type especially moisturizers. This is so considering that oily skin needs less moisturizing properties, while dry skin should have lots of hydrating properties to augment the skin’s lack of moisture.

TIP! Washing the skin with something acidic, such as lemon juice, can help reduce oil on the face. It is not recommended to use a wash with lemon juice more than twice per week.

Tip 4: Keep your skin underexposed as much as possible – the sun is one of the skin’s worst enemies as it does not only make it dry but can also trigger the appearance of the early appearance of skin aging and even skin cancer; hence, you should limit your exposure as much as possible. If your lifestyle requires long exposure under the heat of the sun, make sure to keep your skin protected to lock in moisture, among others. Use moisturizers with high sun protection factor, wear wide brimmed hats, wear clothes with long sleeves, and other ways to make sure you are covered up.

Tip 5: Practice good habits – quit smoking, drink less, sleep early, and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals are just some of the best habits that you should start practicing not only to keep you healthy in general but also to have amazing and good quality complexion.