A Gal’s Self-Improvement Kick

Charlene and I are working real hard to get things better in our worlds. After my third spousal relationship finished, (and let’s just say it “ended,” mmm’kay?) I just knew it had become time to realize a shift. Not only any change, I’m talkin’ a heavy shift, girlfriend.

But it just seems everybody wishes to keep me out. Life’s so rough, isn’t it? When I saw my doctor to talk about the tummy tuck cost I was quoted, he only ragged me regarding finding the proper form of exercise. He knows I’ve been doing everything I can, smearing on the scar zone cream and getting all my beauty salon equipment to earn their cost.

But he just continues lecturing me about dieting and exercise, telling me that my body would respond over the long term if I handle it as if I love it.

He is strong on bicycling, but I enjoined him bike seats chafe me and I just can’t fathom putting on those small bicycling shirts. Is he attempting to abase me? At least he became a little more moderate when he started talking about stuff I could do in the comfort of my own home.

Stationary bikes may surely work better for me than bicycling out in public and weight benches and exercise mats are a little more my style.

Yet I likewise feel that I get enough exercise in my day-to-day life. Just last week I found lots of exercise tugging around Carla’s garden cart as we decorated her patio for her sister’s party. Arranging the garden bench layout for outdoor party seats after moving the Weber 751001 Charcoal Grill made for some strong weight lifting. And then the stretching and effort required to get all those stringed lights set properly was like aerobic exercises.

Does it sound like I am making excuses? I do not care, girl, that was hard work! After all that decorating and partying I reckon I burned one thousand calories. I dare some treadmill joggin’ sap to press garden carts around for 5 hours and reckon how they feel.

I don’t mean to sound whiny. I’ll get it all together. I only wish individuals would occasionally center on what I have done rather than what I still must do. I know it is not easy being you, but it isn’t easy being me, either. We all got to work hard to be prosperous, I suppose.