Acai Powder – The Original Super Food

Acai Juice Powder is a 100% Pure, brazillian fruit packed with nutritional value. Acai Juice Powder is 100% pure super food and anti-oxidant that originates from the Brazilian Amazon basin. A lot of people describe the taste of Acai Juice as combining berries with an earthy-chocolaty flavour.

The Acai Powder fruit itself consists of a dark purple pigment which gives it a deep, vibrant appearance. It is this rich pigment which contains all the nutrition that has made the acai berry such a truly amazing thing and one of Brazils biggest exports.

Such is acai’s nutritional quality that for centuries the acai berries have been farmed by locals of the Brazilian Rainforests and form the key food in the diet of many communities, taking the place of bread, milk and rice.

Abundant with anti-oxidants, amino acids and essential omega fatty acids, you can be confident that Acai Powder preserves your mind and your body.

After the acai fruit has been harvested it degrades extremely quickly. This is th reason it is possible to locate so many examples of acai juice, acai preserves and other acai products but not the actual berries. Products made from the fresh acai pulp can be quickly exported much easier than the fresh acai berries!

Acai Extract Capsules usually contains most of the acai’s goodness than some of the other products, usually because almost the whole acai berry is used in the production of the acai berry product.

Acai Powder products dried using a freeze dried process retain all the nutritional benefits of acai through reducing the acai pulp into a very fine powder at extermely low temperatures. Unlike Acai extracts, freeze dried Acai Powder completely encapsulates the powerful nutritional benefits located in acai and is extremely pure with no bulking agents.

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