Advantages Stainless Steel Trolleys

Stainless Steel Trolleys are broadly employed in many industries, and are very routinely used in the catering and medical health industries. They are made from stainless iron alloy, because of the advantages that is offered. It is a metal steel which is fabricated with steel iron alloy and chromium, and this makes what makes it effectively rustproof, although it is not absolutely stain proof.even so it is not completely stain proof.

Catering and health trolleys are constructed from high degree stainless iron alloy, and electro-polished to give a brilliant complete and sterile features, which is perfect for catering and health purposes. These trolleys are accessible in a broad variety of methods, and usually comprise of two or more ledges repaired inside a border, and made wireless by the use of wheels or castors, climbed on on the end of the legs. Most stainless iron alloy trolleys resemble a usual tea trolley, and some flats parts may have two or even four braked wheels.Most trolleys have the following attributes;

•    They are very easy to assemble if supplied provided flat packed

•    High quality steel iron alloy makes them perfect for most catering requirements

•    They are very easy to manipulate and are fitted with four castors

•    Two of the wheels are braked

•    HygIenic – easy to clean and sterilize

•    They can be supplied fully welded

These trolleys are usable in a variety range of styles and dimensions and a typical trolley will have dimensions of around:

•    Height 850mm : Width 450mm : Length 900mm  (approx.)

Other kinds of trolley are also available and this can encompass hand trolleys, which are manufactured for more durability.

Heavy duty trolleys are ussually constructed from 304 quality stainless steel with a brilliant scrubbed finish. Most units have a 2mm deep worktop mounted on 40mm square tube border, and accomplished with 100mm diameter stainless iron alloy castors with non-marking tyres. These types of trolley are capable adept of handling loads of up to 150kg or even more.

These trolleys may have from 1 to 4 stainless iron alloy ledges  incorporated into their structure, and units are available with built in stainless iron alloy cabinets.

They are widely used in the medical and catering industries, due to their durable, HygIenic, easy to clean and long lasting qualities. Many trolleys have 2 or 3 removable tray combinations, and the trays may have a raised outer edge or upstand to prevent items from falling off. Some trolleys may have a lift off top tray with integral handles, and the trays locate securely around the frame.

A typical medical trolly will have the following dimensions (approx.)

•    Height 860mm : Width 460mm : Depth 520mm

Trolleys are accessible for self assembly or can be provided completely welded.

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