AI 9

Last night season nine of American idol began. It started out about the same as every other season. I did not really see anybody last night I was impressed with too much. But that does not mean I did not enjoy the show as usual. There was still your really bad people who should not have been there in the first place. Sometimes I wonder who ever told these people that they were any good at all. I felt there were at least a couple of people who made it through that were really not any good or I think maybe not as good as they were made out to be. On the other hand I think there were at least one or two people that were given a hard time and told no but I think they were better than at least a few of the people that did get that golden ticket to Hollywood. I still think that having four judges is probably not the best idea. Three judges had a certain magic to it. Having that fourth judge at times just makes it seem forced. I guess they did it to get two guy and two girl judges and even things out or at least try to. I think with everybody trying to get in there different comments and what not it seems like a bit of a time crunch to fit them all in there.

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