All About Cork Floors

Why You Should Have Cork Floors

Cork floors are starting to become very popular in the United States and offering a beautiful and unique finish. You can lay cork floors anywhere in your home including in our kitchen and bathroom. This is a flooring that you must consider when deciding to change the flooring in your home.

The cork that is used for cork floors is harvested from a cork oak tree. It is a lot different then using hardwood because the tree is not cut down to produce the flooring. The cork from the cork tree is harvested every nine years. The back of the tree is stripped off of the tree and this is what is used to make the flooring. So the tree is in fact is not killed and the forest can keep growing being unharmed. Cork flooring is a major environmental choice.


It has been believed that the cork trees live for over two hundred years because they are not killed. The process that is used to obtain hardwood floors is one that kills the trees and the new trees need to grow for up to fourty years before becoming mature. Also the cork floors are produced from the waste products from corks from wine bottles. So the cork is retained in an environmentally way and it has been made form a product that would have been thrown away.

Remember that this doesn’t mean that the cork floors are not attractive because they are some of the most beautiful floors that are made today. There are many options that are available when choosing cork floors. Any color and many patterns to choose from such as cork, hardwood, or marble. The product that you come up with will be unique and there are so many to create.

By deciding to install cork floors into your home instead of any other flooring you are doing the environment a huge favour that it now needs. For many years to come your new cork floors will be a great conversation piece.

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