All Natural and Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning NJ

The Benefits of Organic Carpet Cleaner
In a more Eco- conscious world, many people are now looking for healthier and friendly ways to care for themselves, the environment and their homes. There have been organic food, clothing, fuel and now cleaning materials for everything you find in the home. Recently, organic carpet cleaning has been found to be more than just safer than steam.

With organic carpet cleaning your carpet is ready for use in less than three to four hours compared to up to 48 hours with steam. It also doesn’t damage your carpet like steam does. With the high heats needed with steam, the fibers of your carpet are singed and begin to wear down. Other ways steam can damage your carpet are that it shrinks the carpet, causes discoloration and enables for mold spores to grow in the under padding.

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Organic carpet cleaning doesn’t use the harsh chemicals or pesticides that steam cleaning uses and it is free of artificial colors or fragrances and therefore it is safer for babies, children, adults, the employees, pets and even any birds that may be in the house. If one was to look at the ingredient lists of steam cleaning solution, you’d find things such as acid, pesticides and formaldehyde. Without using these chemicals it drastically cuts the risk of emphysema, cancer, and skin and eye irritation. With all natural materials it removes dander, dirt and dust mites thus improving indoor air quality.

A great thing about organics is that it is biodegradable and has no noxious fumes, eliminating air pollution and water contamination. Organic cleaners use an enzyme treatment to lift dirt and grime and remove stains from the carpet. Because of the nature of the enzymes, this kind of cleaner doesn’t allow for dirt and bacteria to cling to spot and is a fairly permanent treatment for stains. And also, the continuous cleaning of the enzymes allow for longer periods between cleaning.

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Being Eco- friendly doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice time, quality or your wallet. With a little bit of work and slightly warmer temperatures you can produce almost identical results with the organic carpet cleaner as you can with the steam, only healthier for all involved.
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