An Extra Long Shower Curtain For Modern Design

If your bathroom has a tall ceiling, a raised tub or even a high curtain rod, you’ll find an extra long shower curtain appropriate. While a regular curtain could be of sufficient length for a standard tub or shower, many of today’s hottest modern designs demand a longer curtain to prevent drips and water damage for the floor. New tubs today are made to offer a sense of more spacious interior without using up much bathroom area. Because they make use of the full height of bathroom, they leave more space between the top of the curtain and the bottom of the tub.

Where You Should Buy An Extra Long Shower Curtain

As opposed to the past, extra long shower curtains are now quite common in line with the brand new trends of tub and shower designs. If you are in the market for one of these brilliant curtains, however, you can still find that they’re not readily available in every store. It could still be better to get one custom sewn, when you have anything specific at heart. Simpler versions can be easily made by your neighborhood seamstress and a more complex one can be ordered from the home furnishing store which has the required facilities. You might even be lucky to prevent any extra expense of custom ordering for these curtains. Although few stores keep these curtains available, they have access to industry catalogs and will order one in for you. The best option, however, is probably the internet. Many online furnishing stores provide specialty items that a regular city store might not deal in.

Deciding On The Best Extra Long Shower Curtain

There are a number of things which go into finding the perfect extra long shower curtain. You must get your measurements absolutely accurate because that is the whole idea of the entire thing. In the end, not every extra long curtains are similar length. You need to actually measure the distance of your curtain rod from the floor with a tape-measure. It’s also advisable to look at the total length of the curtain rod, as some larger tubs require an extra wide curtain too. Make sure that your curtain has an extra long shower curtain liner to match. If your liner is simply too short, you could end up having water on to the floor.

Your individual sense of style determines the choice of your home decor. It might be appropriate to keep things simpler for any bathroom because the room size is generally smaller. You are able to choose two or three colors to give shape to your ideas however you will need to take care to coordinate your colors with those of your walls, any hanging artwork or the bath mat. Maybe it’s a good idea to decide on colors that complement to get a more complete look rather than just matching the colours.