Another New eBiz Pronounces The Death of the Business Card

They’re saying the old fashioned business card exchange hasn’t kept up with the times.

In this age of cell phones, ipods, smart phones and social networking, it should to be easier to connect with someone electronically. That thought inspired rmbrME.

This new service automates the exchange of contact information between two people. Palm Treo users once “beamed” each other their contact information through infrared connections; now rmbeME uses text messages.

rmbrME lets you send out a bzCard, which includes a standard vCard data (phone number, address etc.) plus social networking links such as direct links to your Facebook or Linkedin pages. It works from most phones, including smart phones, and on any cell phone carrier.

I’m just not sure people want to get rid of their business cards completely. Sure we can benefit by having more ways to keep important contact information. But a well designed business card can do so very much more than just store contact information…

For instance, an effective business card design can help your prospects and clients understand what product or service you provide. It can encourage them to want to keep it handy. It can help brand your company. It can help them make the decision to use your company.

So far none of these e-business card services can do any of these things.

Even when the technology can do these things, there is still a difference in actually touching and getting a feeling from a business card as opposed to looking at digital bits. We are sensory based creatures. So I don’t think we’re going to see the end of the business card for quite some time yet..


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