Are Forums Helpful?

Forums are a great place to get traffic and sales from. Not only are you providing a solution you also just applied value by mentioning the free shipping, 20% off and money back guarantee. How likely do you think this customer is to buy from you?

This traffic you are about to send to your site is red hot targeted traffic. Nancy will most likely buy and then turn into a repeat customer. Which means extra traffic and extra sales over a span of time, perhaps life. Now are you seeing any other benefit to this? If not let’s analyze this, because something big is about to happen from this. In fact, 2 big things. First, Nancy may actually tell her friends about your web site. More sales and again more traffic that’s targeted because you are meeting their needs. Secondly, other people are going to read this post who have the same exact problem! Nancy will likely post feedback about how helpful you’ve been and how well the product worked.

Others will probably follow in her footsteps and become buyers and again highly targeted traffic because you are sending them to exactly what they are looking for. If you are on a forum that allows you to post a relevant link in any individual post you could even go a step further. You could simply display the exact page that has your exact product on it. This way when the traffic goes to your site they are going to go right to Soothing High Class Pooch Dog Shampoo and it makes making the sale even easier.

If you’ve ever been to store and you can’t find something, you are more likely to find the product if an employee walks you to it. Considering this you walking your customer to the product.

If you are not on a forum that allows posting links outside your signature then simply mentioning your signature file in the post will have to do. Either way you’ll likely to convert some of the highly targeted traffic to customers and more importantly, repeat customers. So if you’re not using forums this had better be a real eye opener for you. A Problem with a Solution + Results = repeat sales and traffic.


About the author.  Lemmy J. Kingston Pince III is a writer, poet and a great golfer.  He also puts his heart and soul into building new blogs and showing other people amazing ideas.  One of his favorite sites is marketer Brown’s site at Make Money Online With Michael S. Brown, and Swimming pool Coping.