Athletes Who Deserve More

So, I have a bone to pick. It bothers me that in my opinion the hardest working athletes don’t get paid the most. Allow me to rephrase. The people that compete at the hardest sports don’t get nearly what they deserve financially.

So, the question at this point that you are most likely wondering is what the heck am I talking about? I feel that the hardest sport is running. Do I have a bias opinion? Probably. But, let’s take a look at this for a moment.

Using baseball for an example of how some athletes are just plain overpaid. Now let me take a quick second to say I am not holding against the pitcher who gets 20 pus million a year which roughly breaks down to getting about a million dollars a game for how many games they pitch per season and a fine example of this is the Yankees and some of their top aces.

But I got away from my point my distaste is not the Yankees or the players who get paid so much. I think good for them the guy who can go out and find someone willing to pay them that much. My beef with baseball is the owner who pays someone that much and don’t even get me started on the baseball salary cap and what a joke that is.

Back to my original thought the hardest sport running. Let’s take a minute sure baseball, basketball, football and whatever other pro sports have their difficulties. Not every one of us is talented enough to play them or coordinated enough or capable to do so. Now take running everybody can do it. This is what makes running such a challenge. Everybody runs or has the capabilities to run. The real question is can you do it better than everyone else? In comparison to other sports runners get paid chump change. But the main point is the real challenge that goes along with running and competing in essence against everyone so being a top runner I feel justifies a bit better financial compensation.

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