Automate Shift Scheduling and Vacation Management

Managers can find it very stressful overseeing the allocation of shifts and vacation for their employees however many are now using employee scheduling software to remove the problem. Using the system a schedule can be produced automatically. 

The manager should set up the schedule with details of the shifts and the amount of employees required. The manager can copy the previous week’s schedule as a template. The system can then start allocation the shifts to employees based on the times the employees have indicated they are available. Complicated scheduling rules such as minimum amount of working hours can be taken into consideration.

Without a computerised system it may of been difficult for employees to transfer shifts. If a staff member finds themselves unable to work a shift they have been given they can send out a notice to other appropriate employees to have the shift transferred to them. Upon approval from the administrator the shift can be transferred. Employees that wish to work more hours than they have been assigned will be able to readily take on more shifts.

The shift scheduling software can also be used to manage the time off taken by employees. Employees will be allocated a yearly quota of how many days they can take off per year. The manager can choose whether to approve each request. The employee is automatically removed from the schedule on that day if the request is approved.

Of course the main advantage of having a web based shift schedule is that it can be viewed from any internet connected computer. They no longer need to phone their boss or even visit the workplace.
Businesses that have regularly changing schedules will notice the biggest difference with the use of the software. This is frequently the case in restaurants, pubs and the retail industry.

Since all employees are already using the software you can also easily send a message out to all of them. For example, you may want to send message about a end of year staff party.