Bass Music Review: Bass Effects Pedals from Boss and Marshall Bass Amp Heads


Getting the best sound possible out of our bass guitars is what us bass players strive to do. Over the years I’ve tried many different bass amp head combinations with different bass guitar effect pedals. Now, I’m sure we all play different styles of music, so in this article I have tried to pick out the bass products that will appeal to a wide range of musical styles. I have took a particular liking to the Marshall MB450H bass amp head, I will give you an overview and some of my thoughts on that bass amp head, as well as a selection of bass guitar effects pedals.!


Bass amplifier heads must complement your bass guitar amp. A bass amp head is essential for more seasoned bass guitarists who want to fit the sound of their bass to the style of their music. We do not only stick to one style of music, so why should our amps? A standalone bass amp head such as the MB450H by Marshall is a great all rounder for any style of music.


Marshall are renowned for their quality amplifiers. The Marshall amp is an iconic image and Marshall are one of the first brands most musicians picture when they think of an amplifier. Marshall bass amps are notoriously excellent amps for bass guitars. Much loved by bass players, the Marshall MB450H bass amp head is no different, this is my absolute favourite bass amp head (and I’ve played with a LOT of amplifier heads over the years). Featuring a 2 channel layout, 450 watts of power, blend control and FX loop, the MB450H is powerful amplifier that allows you to tweak and tune the sound to your playing style. This bass amp head can get real loud if you need it to and the best thing about it is that there is no loss of quality – the sound outputted is crystal clear even when nearby windows begin to tremble.


A bass effects pedal is the perfect piece of kit to complement a bass guitar. Bass effects pedals allow a musician to really diversify and explore their sound. Recently I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different bass effects pedals that create many different bass effects. The past few months I have used I must say, they are all quality effects pedals and a step above the standard fare. The Boss ME-50B Bass pedal in particular is a world class piece of kit. It features a myriad of effects and options that allow you to get sounds out of your bass guitar that you didn’t even think were possible! It features 3 footswitches and an onboard expression pedal which is routed to 6 options; octave, wah and the like. This bass effects pedal makes analog control a cinch and you can play over the top of a sustaining low note with the innovative sound hold function. This function alone will open up a whole new world to your bass playing. Easy Tone lets you edit tones quickly and on the fly with preset EQ templates. As with all bass effects pedals, you are going to need to get used to your new toy. All effects pedals differ, especially from brand to brand, so play about with the options and functions, have fun and expand your musical horizons!


”Buy the ticket, take the ride” – one of my favourite quotes by Hunter S Thompson. What has this got to do with bass playing you might say? It is for those of you sitting on the fence, researching new bass effects pedals and bass amp heads. There really is no better way than to just buy the thing, play it and explore new musical horizons. The Marshall bass amp head and Boss bass guitar effects pedal opened up new musical worlds for me and I encourage you to take the trip too!