Best resources for renting vehicles in Australia

Are you going to hire a vehicle this holiday season? That’s a perfect move. Going in a hire car will let you to visit places quickly and cheaply. How can you save on your rental? We’ve prepared a brief guide on that and some more things worth knowing.

To get good rates you’ll need to think ahead. When you find out when you will need the vehicle for complete your booking. Don’t wait with the booking for the last minute. Decide between a large brand or a small brand. Choosing a large brand might translate into a more expensive rental, though you’ll in most cases receive newer cars. Smaller firms can also offer a great service, though it differs sometimes pretty significantly. Look for online reviews at before making a decision.

If you need extras like bike racks, child booster seats or GPS navigation, remember to order it beforehand. If you want to spend less take with you your own navigation. Bring back the drive with fuel in it and you won’t pay the more expensive fuel charges issued by the vehicle provider.

While collecting your rental car check carefully for any damage and take photos if you find any. Check the petrol is in the car and see if you can use the headlamps and indicators. Take note of the model and color of the rental car. Write down the number plate and keep it in a safe place. Take note of the contact number to the rental supplier also in your phone.

Keep in mind that conditions for rentals, restrictions, rates and insurance will differ across cities and between companies. Even if you’re a savvy tourist, make sure you know the rental. Prepare well and have fun.