Better SEO Could Help Drive the Economic Recovery – SEO Cost Should Not Be Deterrent

U.S. Small Businesses are crucial to accelerating the Economic Recovery – both nationally and world-wide. Consumer demand, however, remains weak in most markets, and until consumer demand improves, the broader business outlook will likely remain uncertain.  
Evidence suggests, however, that there could be a significant opportunity for small businesses to stimulate more demand for their products and services by simply improving the search engine optimization of their websites.

Basic SEO (search engine optimization ) is seriously flawed or lacking for most business websites. The impact of this is that  most small business websites fail to rank in the search engines  where prospective customers can find them for the products and services they are offering. Sites that are not ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, or others are largely invisible to prospective customers. Search Engine Ranking Position (or “SERP”) for keywords and terms that attract prospective customers should be a managed metric of virtually every business.

While large corporations make substantial investments in their online marketing efforts, many small businesses continue to view their web presence as an “online brochure”.  Part of this problem stems from the fact that small businesses frequently lack the capital to invest in marketing, so the owners try to function as webmasters, marketers, and sales people, in addition to their executive functions, regardless of their knowledge.

Implementing basic Search Engine Optimization principles for “organic” or “natural” SERP is generally the most  cost-effective marketing a small company can make – and offers the highest probable ROI. Professional search engine optimization costs less than one may expect, and basic SEO packages should be easily affordable for many small business owners (For sample visit: SEO costs range from zero to thousands of dollars, but it should be understood that even a relatively modest investment in search engine optimization can return powerful results.

Another significant sales opportunity for many businesses rests in the ability to capture visitor contact information for lead generation purposes. Few small businesses actually  monitor, measure and manage their website traffic, much less capture website visitor details. The failure to capture visitor contact information in a database for automated follow-up and sale process “nurturing” represents a great “untapped” opportunity to the businesses individually, and to the economy overall. offers small business Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for Search Engine Rankings Placement (SERP) web traffic, lead generation, sales opportunities, growth, and overall company branding. Fast, easy, effective, and affordable nationwide services. SearchEngineOptimizationCost ( is a service of