Black Seed Oil Guards Healthy and balanced Cells and Promotes Production of Natural Interferon


The very first serious analysis of HabbatuSaudain cancer prevention and remedy was performed by specialists at Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory of Hilton Head Island, Sc. They determined that a healthy body’s defense mechanisms will recognise and eliminate cancer cells prior to the cancer endangers the patient. The immunity process accomplishes this by aiding increased output of immune cells, bone marrow cells, and B-cells that build antibodies. Black cumin stimulates neutrophil activity. These represent the short-lived immune cells which are normally present in bone marrow but mobilized into action when there is a bacterial infection. Ingredients of black cumin were also shown to modulate creation of interleukins, a quality it shares with several other highly respected herbs: ginseng, astragalus, mistletoe, garlic, and cat’s claw.

In animal experiments, while none of the subjects within the control group made it, two-thirds from the mice that were given black cumin seed oil remained alive 1 month after planned initiatives to cause cancer in the subject groups. Black cumin is particularly beneficial in aggressive cancers whose progression is dependent on angiogenesis.

In vitro studies undertaken in Jordan and the United States have determined the volatile oil is anti-leukemic. Studies carried out in Spain together with England discovered that the fixed oil is advantageous in the treatment of rheumatism and other inflammatory disorders. This property is related to thymoquinone that is up to 25% in the Egyptian seed and missing entirely is some seeds.

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