CD 128 Insulators from around the world

I’ve posted my growing CD 128 insulator collection at My focus at the moment is straight-sided 128s — variants with concave skirts will be added at a later date.

The site currently features insulators from North America (Armstrong, Hemingray, Kerr, Pyrex and Whitall Tatum) along with several from South America (mostly unembossed pieces from Argentina and a few SAFNV from Uruguay). Some experimental Hemingrays and unembossed Whitall Tatums will be added shortly.

An insulators “In the Wild” section will be updated over the next several weeks showing CD 128s in service around the world. That page is located at There are some photos of more common 128s that are still on telephone poles in Canada. I will be adding photos in the near future of some pretty nice glass that was in service in Argentina up until about 20 years ago. If you have any photos or stories you’d like to share, please contact me using the Contact form on my website at

I’ve collected insulators since the early 80s and have recently moved into the CD128 style because of the range of color as well as the affordability of some of the rarer items. I’m always in the market for CD 128 insulators that I don’t currently have. Topping my list would be a CD 128 from Egypt and a 428 from Portugal (similar to a 128 but with a longer skirt). Embossed Vidrarts from Argentina are always needed. Hope you will stop by and peruse the site.