Changing the Face of Network Marketing!

A new company is launching this fall. Yoli. It means ‘to live’ in Aztec. Yoli is destined to change the face of network marketing. It makes a refreshing change to see a company whose founders have all been highly successful network marketing distributors. They all have experience in the field. They know the concerns network marketers grapple with everyday and they are determined to do something about these. The founders of Yoli are totally focused on their company being a great example to the industry of network marketing and health and drink.

So, you could say that in the area of product, pay plan and management they are truly revolutionary. Firstly the PRODUCT. They didn’t want just another me-too product. They were looking for something different, a technology that would regenerate the health and wellness industry. They came up with a new way of ingesting nutrition. Blast caps. Blast caps are caps that contain freeze dried vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. All you do, is cap a bottle of water with the blast cap, shake it, and you have your nutritional product in your hands. Having the product this way avoids the use of pasteurisation and the addition of preservatives, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and fillers. The fact is that 99% of bottled juices, and energy drinks have been pasteurised and we know what happens when juices are pasteurised.

Lori Lipinski, a certified nutritional consultant, says that it kills friendly bacteria, destroys beneficial enzymes, hormones and antibodies, completely destroys vitamin B and substantially reduces the amount of vitamin A, C,D and E. Apart from the wow factor involved in putting the blast cap in your bottle and watching the water change color and health drinks, the Embarrassment factor is avoided. Yes, the embarrassing question of price. So often when we tell our friends and prospects about our amazing product, it is a little embarrassing to have to tell them that it will set them back by $40 a bottle. Often a bottle will last just a week. That’s 4 bottles a month! Thankfully Yoli have come up with a price that is as competitive as your local retailer. This has got to be a first in the industry where overpriced products are the norm.