Choosing The Ultimate Kitchen Flooring Options

Remodeling your kitchen, or planning one for a new home, can be an exciting time for any homeowner, but choosing your flooring can be bewildering. There’s a huge array of kitchen flooring options available, in prices all over the map.

Before you go to the store, choose a budget for your new kitchen floor. This will not only help you keep from getting carried away when you see the materials available, but will help the staff at the flooring store present you with the best options.

Another thing to keep in mind is how easy it is to clean. Some flooring types can be damaged by water while others won’t. If you want to use something like a Bionaire steam mop to take care of your floor, choose a flooring that is water resistant.

Vinyl and tile are the 2 materials that most people think of immediately when they think of floors in the kitchen. Depending on the quality you purchase, they can be very durable and easy to maintain. Vinyl is available in very inexpensive products, but know that you won’t get as long a life out of it as you will a higher quality vinyl or ceramic tile; ten years will see you replacing that cheaper floor. Ceramic tile is nice looking, and can be easy to clean, but it is very hard and tends to be cold. In addition, deep grout lines can hold dirt and stain if not properly sealed.

Vinyl is one of the easiest kitchen flooring options to install yourself; tile may be a little more complex. Be sure to figure in the cost of installation if you’re insecure about laying the floor yourself.

Wooden floors are making a comeback in the kitchen, mainly due to materials like cork and bamboo. Environmentally friendly, both cork and bamboo make good, water-resistant floors for kitchens; they’re durable, beautiful, and somewhat softerdurable, nicer looking and more comfortable} than tile. Cork in particular is a good insulator, so your floors stay a little warmer. Again, installation can be a little daunting, so don’t forget to plan for installation.

Lastly, lino is making a big comeback – it’s not your grandmother’s kitchen floor anymore! Made from environmentally sustainable, pure, natural materials, it’s easy to keep clean and comes in a large range of bold designs that hold up well under traffic and age. Installation is better left to a professional, however, and that can raise the overall cost of your kitchen floor.

Be sure to check out all the kitchen flooring options in your price point, and don’t be scared to ask any and all questions that come into your head. Once your floor is down, the only thing you want to be thinking about is how much you love it, not how much you wish you had thought about such-and-such.

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