Coach Fall Patchwork Carly

Let me introduce you to Carly. Carly lives larger than life. She is trim and light. Really she is pretty cool! The first Coach was originally designed after a brown paper bag, did you know that? Since 1962, inspiration for Coach’s handbags and purses has not changed much.

Today now more then ever, we need functionality as well as practicality and a purse that is large enough for us to discretely stow away what we cannot leave behind. Besides the ordinary everyday items such as a cell phone, wallet and keys, there are some things that we need on occasion but don’t want to expose. So what does a girl want but not want to show?

Coach Bag Carly Signature secretly wants to be with Mr. Handsome but doesn’t want to show him that she has already prepared to spend the weekend hanging out with him. I mean you could prepare a tote bag and hide it in your car just in case. Then when he invites you to be his company for the weekend, you run out to your car to fetch your tote but that is not classy is it? Sort of kills the moment don’t you think?

Cheap Coach Carly Handbags isn’t like that. She can keep a secret about the necessities and unmentionables that are hidden in a woman’s purse so Mr. Handsome doesn’t think you are trying to move in. The Large Carly Leather Signature purse, tote or handbag zips tight to keep a woman’s enigma furtive.

Can you imagine yourself on a date with Mr. Handsome using a tote that doesn’t zip and accidentally disclosing your romantic desires for the world to see? Oops! Mr. Handsome suddenly gets a phone call and now finds Mr. Guys-guy’s birthday party down at O’Connell’s more enticing than your pajamas and toothbrush. Don’t let Mr. Handsome run away with Mr. Guys-guy because you decided to be cheap instead of spending a few extra dollars on a Carly Leather handbag that could have kept your inclinations discrete. You can be practical without looking like Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) from The Breakfast Club. Women should always be prepared for what life has to offer.

Seriously, there are two ways to mess around. It’s called cleaning up the mess around the restaurant floor after spilling the intimate contents from your purse. Then there is cleaning up the mess trying to explain to Mr. Handsome that your intentions were good. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel the need to explain myself to Mr. Handsome.

Besides Coach’s Carly Large handbags serving our greater purpose, the Coach Carly Large Signature comes in many different colors, patchwork art designs and canvases. The classic Coach Carly large Authentic Khaki/Black Purse Handbag and Signature Denim patent trim Carly Large are my personal favorites. I love the size and durability of these bags as well as the crinkle patent leather trim and signature lightweight fabric.

Carly Large is made with Coach’s patent leather or canvas material in the traditional colors, brown and black but she also comes in an array of different patent leather patchworks, colors and canvas designs. From summer blues, whites and pinks to holiday browns, reds and oranges.

Coach Carly Handbag is more than a lady, she is a Coach!