Commercial Kitchen Equipment Offers Means to Prepare Food Fast

A commercial kitchen uses items that are similar to those found in a typical home kitchen, but on a much larger scale. There are pieces of equipment that a restaurant or institutional kitchen must use daily that meet local, state and federal requirements for safe food handling and preparation. The types of equipment found in commercial kitchens range from huge refrigerators, ventilation hoods and walk-in freezers to rolling pins, pastry bags and cake frosting and decorating tips.

The Hobart A200 Mixer A-200 offers a machine and all the implements a commercial kitchen needs to handle dough preparation. Thanks to a chopper-grater attachment, it can even handle vegetable chopping and cheese grating. The mixer has a 20-quart bowl with a splash cover, bowl extension, wire whip and dough paddle. Attachment sockets provide the option of using 12-quart bowls and attachments as well as the standard 20-quart items. Make sure to allocate fast opening doors to accommodate this huge machine. Hobart has a reputation in the food industry for its reliable heavy-duty mixers. These mixers stand up so well to extended use that they are a good deal even when bought as used equipment.

The Win-Holt NHPL-1825-UL Sheet Bun Proofer and Steam Pan Heater is an essential piece of equipment for a commercial kitchen. It features chrome pan slides that can be removed to customize spacing, whether it’s used as a proofer or a heater. The unit can hold a variety of differently sized bun pans, heat pans and steam table pans. A clear front door on the 70-inch high unit makes it easy to see what’s inside at any time. The heater proofer is made of non-insulated aluminum materials.

A commercial kitchen manager will appreciate the BE&SCO Beta 900 Flour Tortilla Machine. This piece of equipment operates on gas. It makes seven-inch flour tortillas and has a capacity of 900 tortillas per hour. You may want to consider more steamer volume to run a more efficient operation. An optional trolley loader puts the dough into the machine, which is then mixed and pressed into tortillas that move down a conveyor belt system, cooked and ready to eat. The machine can be operated easily by one person. The machine produces tortillas that are consistently the same shape and thickness every time. Customers will rave about the freshly made tortillas that come from the Beta 900 Flour Tortilla Machine.