Communicating With Home Builders In NWA

Should you be looking to create a home in Northwest Arkansas, you can find a lot of issues you want to make note of.  However, today, I would like to talk specifically about COMMUNICATION and how best to communicate with your home builder. 

Because my hubby, Jacob Tankersley, is among the many home builders in NWA, I have a bit of insider’s perspective on the subject.  Not merely am I required to speak to my builder/husband about the projects of our own current clients, I must also effectively talk to Jacob during after-working hours as well! 

If nothing else, I’ve learned several issues that I really believe may help you as you set out in your search through the several home builders in NWA, make a choice, then reach building your property. 

In your case, since the homeowner, a few of my insights as wife-of-a-builder just may be valuable to you.

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Heidi Tankersley

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