Confidential waste shredding

Confidential waste shredding

Protect Life Waste Management offer a confidential waste shredding and disposal service which is designed to help you:

• Protect your sensitive information;

• Show to all – that you are serious about safeguarding sensitive, confidential, personal and private information;

• Give your clients confidence that their personal information is professionally and properly destroyed;

• Safeguard your company’s integrity/reputation as regards the handling of confidential waste.

Protecting your business and your clients

• Every day organisations generate sensitive information and confidential waste. Proper handling of that waste is paramount to security. Corporate Espionage, Fraud, Identity Theft are fast growing areas of crime that are fuelled primarily by the incorrect handling of information. Information that needs to be protected goes beyond the obvious (bank statements, logins details and business contracts).

• Employees produce confidential and/or sensitive documents on a daylily basis (strategic/tactical planning, product development materials, risk/issue reports, the list goes on…).

• Organisations produce it daily too (computer backups printed and digitally recorded customer/client information, again – the list goes on…)

Protect Life Waste Management offer a professional secure shredding and disposal service for your confidential waste. We aim to help you protect your organisation and your clients by keeping your sensitive materials out of the wrong hands. Your clients trust you with their information and your organisation bleeds every time that there is a breach in trust. Show your clients that you are serious about keeping their information private and Keep your organisation protected.

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We shred more than just paper

When we think about confidential waste shredding, we usually mean paper based items such as: cheques; payroll info; contracts; training information; and other product or service information that you do not want to appear in the public domain. In today’s world we also need to consider the destruction of other media which also can contain confidential data e.g. CDs, video tapes and flash memory.

Protect Life Waste Management – destroys all your confidential materials and our shredders have the power and technology to break down a vast range of materials spanning fabrics, paper, plastic, electronics and metals.

Not paper but we destroy it! – Flash Memory, CD-ROMs, DVDs, CD-Rs; Computer Backups; Videotapes; x-Rays; Product Samples; Prototypes and Casino Chips.

Not documents but we destroy it! – Cheques; Currency; Promotional Coupons; Lottery Tickets; Cardboard; Playing Cards.