Disabled Premier Tubs

Handicapped walk in tubs allow the people you care for, to provide for and bathe themselves freely and keep their respectability. A walk in bath is created for comfortable access to those who can’t comfortably get into a regular tub.

Those with physical challenges, are limited with mobility or are seniors can benefit. These baths also help care providers who offer their aid to the disabled or seniors who need assistance into a standard bathtub.

You can place this type of a bath conveniently in any location of your home. There is a non-slip surface on the floor and seat to prevent injuries. This kind of system is very scratch-resistant, with an easy to clean fiberglass unit; the seat and back are molded for maximal support.

The sides are designed to provide comfortable arm support and help promote balance while resting in the bathtub. A hand-held shower is included with the bath, providing safer access for handicapped people to take care of their bathing.

You can set an adjustable thermostatic mixing valve to a high temperature setting to prevent you from being scalded. You can fill the water level up to chest level if desired, and it will pass through any thirty inch door opening.

The whirlpool activity helps people with circulatory problems. These challenges can be arthritis and painful muscles, as well as many other conditions. This is a therapeutic way to help sore muscles in elderly patients.

The whirlpool action helps alleviate those painful moments when joints and muscles are sore. Circulatory problems are often helped through the use of whirlpool action.

Seniors and disabled people will feel safe about themselves and the bath tub they are relaxing in. This type of bath tub keeps comfort in mind and can be an asset to anyone who can bathe themselves independently.