Do Wrinkle Creams Work? Judge it yourself

Superstores all over the world have flooded their racks with all sorts of anti aging skin care products claiming to remove wrinkles and permanently arrest aging. Many conscientious individuals find it amazing and appalling to be bombarded with advertisements promoting these products. Let me tell you what they find particularly amazing—the observation that these advertisements claim to provide multiple benefits to the user but none of them actually provides a scientific explanation of how they actually deliver these benefits. In this article, we shall discuss the all important question—do wrinkle creams work?

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Many scientific studies over the years have proven that products do exist that actually deliver the results the consumers desire. The downside to these results is the effects produced are as varied as the methods in which the products are formulated. Since many of the processes involved in the formulation of these products have patents on the process and/or trademark secrets, the process details themselves cannot be given in this article. This article will, however, discuss the effects produced by these products in order to establish their effectiveness.

The main target of a product with acidic formulations is to extricate the skin pores, allowing the skin to breathe, therefore making the skin much healthier, softer, and increasing the smoothness. This is achieved either by inundating skin pores with a fresh supply of oxygen or by cleansing the pores, removing sebum stored in them using external fluids. Both methods produce the same effect.

Clearing skin pores is the first line of attack in any quality wrinkle cream. This primary effect attempts to aggravate the expulsion of toxic waste form the epidermis(top layer of skin). Toxic waste buildup is the number one reason for acne and other dermatological ailments. These ailments are known causes of wrinkles in the skin.

The question, do wrinkle creams work?, can also be studied in an altogether different light. Let’s look at it from the perspective of how these creams affect the secretion of oil from glands located beneath the epidermis—the outermost layer of human skin.

Some wrinkle creams my contain the oil from the glands in the dermis that keep oily skin clear if the build up that influences bacterial growth, which in turn is a major cause of skin diseases. These creams neutralize the potential skin issues that induce the signs of aging. The main indicator of this type of cream working is less signs of oily skin.

Other wrinkle creams are created with the intention of aleviating dry itchy skin. These creams are formulated to induce the dermis glands to secrete the proper amounts of sebum. This result is achieved by providing extra moisture, which enables these glands to dissolve dead skin cells and flush them out. The main indicator of a working cream is the increased moisture and softness of the skin.

Not every product on the market today gives the effects desired by the consumer upon purchase. Consumers should be conscientious of what ingredients are in the product and the reputation of the manufacturer. Trial and error is not the tool to determine if wrinkle creams work, knowledge is. Knowing what the consumer expects and requires from a wrinkle cream and the knowledge of what ingredients produce results guarantees the proper results from their use.

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