Efficiency and also increases efficiency

We are used to witnessing images of thronging trading floors with brokers in their best suits glancing in between dual flat panel monitor arm as share rates rise and fall by the second. And if you visit a tv production room, you would expect to see producers watching the numerous Television screens. While these are possibly stereotypes of buzzy office environments, they do emphasize the value of working with more than one monitor.

The use of a number of laptop displays is now much more common and is now a common function of many offices. With working practices centred around pcs as well as the Internet, more and more organizations across a range of business areas are learning the benefit of dual and multiple displays in easing workload administration and creating efficiency.

Certainly, a recent study by Jon Peddie recommended which staff think they now need a multi-display system and believe having more screen space for their desktop software would enormously grow their productivity levels. And they are not the only ones: a significant number of recent research have confirmed that adding a second or a dual monitor arm to a workstation allows increase productivity by up to 50 per cent because of the wide-screen effect that allows you to have more applications open simultaneously.

Having two screens definitely assists you if you want to cross referrals involving several documents, mentioned Nicola Bates, Connect It & Optimise It product manager at Kensington Europe. You can simply drag your mouse from one screen to the next to move between applications. Its invaluable if you want to use the Internet and also keep an eye on your emails. Multiple monitors arm save switching between different applications something that is both time-consuming and disruptive to the flow of your work.

Content can be split all over screens either by using internal graphics cards or proprietary manufacturers docks. However, if these equipment are not obtainable, utilizing a USB port is an easy and flexible solution that works with every computer hellip;