Emergency Food supply


Making sure that you and your family survive a disaster is about planning. Have you thought that a financial collapse, strikes and riots are just as much a disaster as extreme weather or an earthquake?


The supply chain to supermarkets and general stores is the first to be affected after a manmade or natural disaster that will leave them short of produce.It is natural that delays or shortages of food in the stores makes people hoard and bulk buy anything available.


When there is an emergency you must have a prepared source of food and water store so that you can feed your family during the crisis. We all agree car and house insurance is essential so what about making sure about food supply with food insurance?


Freeze dried food can be stored for up to 25 years and stay as fresh, tasty and nutritious as the day it was packaged. Rehydrating the food can be achieved with hot or cold water so that the food is ready to eat even if you have no stove.Starters, main courses and even tasty deserts are available freeze dried!


Many people living in areas of extreme weather, like hurricanes and tornados, will purchase 3-6 months of emergency food to store away in case of emergency. This food is so tasty that these guys regularly buy it just because they enjoy it not just for emergencies. Even people that live out in areas where they are miles from a store use this product as it is a safe way to store food for long periods of time.Because of the long shelf life and the convenience of the storage containers these people will have a year’s supply delivered in one go.