Find out the simple and easy hints to play metal guitar immediately

Music is the best form of expression – of feelings and also attitudes. Various types of music provide different expressions, so you can choose what fits you most likely. Hard rock or heavy metal music carries the form of expression to numerous extremes.

Thrash – The key element of thrash metal is SPEED! Thrash music is known for being incredibly fast paced, and consequently might not be your best option for amateur musicians. Look for bands like Metallica, Megadeth and Testament for great thrash songs.

Axe Survival Guide – Guideline 1 (String Maintenance) At some point, you’ll need to put some new strings on your guitar because after a while they can get corroded and have a very dull sound. When you begin to put your strings on, don’t tune them up totally straight away, leave them slightly slack and then position your fingers underneath them (just like carrying a bag by its straps) and then pull up on the strings in order that you are stretching them. Doing this will stretch the strings faster which will keep them in tune better.

Axe Survival Guide – Method 2 (Tremelo Picking) Tremolo picking is an essential skill in the genre of heavy metal music, including black metal. Since you can read instructions on tremolo picking at several places, the easiest method to learn is through professionally configured lessons available on CDs and DVDs.

Axe Survival Guide – Tip 3 (Rhythm for Speed) This tip was something I wish I had done from day 1, but didn’t realize the importance until much later, is playing to a rhythm or beat. This is relevant because A) it will educate you on about keeping in time which is significant if you like to play in a band and B) it is a good way of increasing your general speed with chords and scales. The simplest way is to use a metronome which you can purchase or can use for free on the internet. Set the metronome to a very slow pace at first, and practice moving from one chord to another at some point with the clicks.

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