Flight Of Stairs No More

This is our goal at Ohio Elevator: to make it uncomplicated for you. Maintaining your elevators, lifts, and dumbwaiters working efficiently and easily takes a lot of expertise – at this, we stand out. Our company offers a collection of installation, upkeep, and troubleshooting solutions that will maintain your products risk-free and fully-functioning, to make sure that every person, and everything, keeps going up-and-down.

The Ohio Elevator preventive routine maintenance system works like this: At any given time that is convenient for you, we come up with regular inspections of your machines to ensure that potential problems may be identified-and corrected-before they result in a disruption in service. Our area techs will run tests and carry out the advised regular upkeep like: clean-up, oiling, and corrections. We have twenty-years of know-how, on variety of equipment, by different manufacturers. We provide an extraordinary library of equipment guides, prints, and electrical schematic images and stock a considerable inventory of spare parts. Our service workers have obtained intensive training and our service vehicles are fully designed with all the required tools and specialized test equipment.

If you are considering the installation of a home lift, you will be astounded by this kind of brand new, state-of-the-art equipment. Adjustable velocity drives offer steady, step-less speed and stopping, and useful between-floor transfer speeds. Present day management systems are programmable, giving us the ability to quickly manage numerous operating parameters, such as time delays and operational sequencing, in your exact application. Safety interlocks, placement sensors, and other essential control features are now implemented by optical and magnetic receptors causing significantly improved system durability and basic safety. Of course, you won’t see such advancements. You don’t have to. The specialists at Ohio Elevator will handle all the technical aspects.

In several older, commercial elevator systems, the cab and all of the connected mechanical elements may be perfectly functional. Setting up a brand new retrofit control package may bring this eqipment up to present day standards of durability for a small fraction of the price of a brand new elevator. 

No matter what your elevator needs, you can be confident Ohio Elevator to deliver the best available machines and assistance.