Focuses of Rehabilitation for Optimized Emotional Health

Focus on the Person


The focus of treatment should be on the person  and not the process of treatment. There is a continual transfer of the methods by which individuals suffering from mental disorders are treated. Over the past centuries, thanks partially to the drive to create more reliable and effective treatment plans, the majority of mental health professionals failed to concentrate on the process occurring in a patient, the alterations he was undergoing through the treatment and the improvements which were related to the treatment. Instead nowadays, more common point for many practitioners is the method of treatment itself- whether or not one therapy is more beneficial than the other or whether or not a certain treatment could actually work for most patients. 


It is a good thing that mental illnesses are viewed now from the sufferer’s points of view rather than subtleties of the treatment or therapy treatment. People have different presentations of a mental disorder. Therefore necessitating individualized forms of rehabilitation treatments that are curtailed for the person’s requirements, unique characteristics such as resiliency, abilities and failings, cultural background and experiences. Psychotherapy is an excellent approach that maintains the assumption that altering the typical behavioral habits of the individual by altering the thought process to an even more balanced mindset, as well as build-up more advantageous behaviors by means of conditioning and practice.


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