Food form and organic supplementation

In these modern-day times, when we are exposed to ever-increasing environmental toxins and a huge proportion of our food contains added chemicals, additives and preservatives, there is an increasing demand not only for organic food items, but also for organic skin and beauty products and, most notably, dietary supplements. There is arguably little point going to the hassle of trying to cleanse and detox your body, only to then take health supplements which include artificial, man-made ingredients themselves!

Consequently, not only are people “going organic” when it comes to their vitamin, health and dietary supplements, but they are also requiring (quite correctly in our opinion) that those supplements be in “food form” or “food state”, for maximum absorption and utilisation.  

Why go organic?

Organic foods are all about environmental protection (pesticides and insecticides have been proven to have a major effect on the global ecosystem) and the elimination of chemicals from our food chain for a healthier way of life. Food manufacturers often put a number of chemicals and preservatives into the foods they sell to prolong its shelf life.

It is also widely claimed by organic food proponents that such foods are better for the health of consumers, because they are produced without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides and other synthetic compounds and so their natural goodness is preserved and the potential side-effects of toxic chemicals in our bodies are avoided. It is believed by many that such foods also contain more vitamins, minerals, nutrients and digestive enzymes, and even taste better, than intensively-farmed produce.

Animal welfare is also an important aspect of organic food production, because animals bred through organic means need to be kept in the open for a specific amount of time and there are guidelines for the general care of the animals. Regular use of antibiotics on animals is also prohibited, dealing with concerns about the corresponding risks to human health from their high level of use by non-organic farmers.

What are organic supplements?

Organic food supplements are natural health products, which are produced from organically grown fruits and vegetables. They have had no chemical compounds (including additives) introduced into their plants at any point.

What are food form / food state supplements?

The expressions “food form” or “food state” simply mean that the relevant product has been specially prepared to be as similar to real food as possible, which in turn means that the body can absorb the nutrients more easily.

A fantastic example of why this could be beneficial, is the common example of ascorbic acid used in Vitamin C supplements.

A high proportion of Vitamin C sold is ascorbic acid. You might not know that this is actually a man-made chemical, which is produced in chemical plants by applying heat, pressure and chemicals to glucose (sugar), which converts the glucose to ascorbic acid.

Although not widely known, ascorbic acid and Vitamin C are not structurally identical. The acid is an artificial, reduced form of the natural vitamin. Vitamin C is a naturally-occurring nutrient, found in a variety of fruit and vegetables. However, when it is heated, the vitamin breaks down and becomes practically ineffective.

Being a chemical (and an acid), ascorbic acid is not absorbed or used by the body in the same way as food, and can actually often upset the stomach and irritate the digestive tract, and even worsen medical conditions.

Natural, unadulterated food is what our bodies were meant to eat; our bodies were not intended to absorb synthetic vitamins or chemically polluted foods.

Food form supplements are widely believed to be more readily absorbed by the body. Another advantage is that they are slow release. A large proportion of a synthetic supplement will just pass through the body by urination, without any benefit to the body (not to mention being a waste of money!)

Organic, food form supplements are now widely available for a wide variety of ailments and health goals. Health supplements that are organic and natural are thought to have a higher content of vitamins and minerals and contain lower levels of toxic metals (including mercury, lead, and aluminium) than their non-organic counterparts.

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