Frank Hanna III Businesses, Philanthropy Work and the truth surrounding Finances

Everything that he gleaned from his early days as well as from his own additional learning at the University of Georgia prepared him to become a highly successful Chief Executive Officer of his own investment enterprise, Hanna Capital, LLC. He is also involved in other private and family-owned businesses which include HBR Capital Ltd and CompuCredit Corporation. However, Frank Hanna III is definitely not just about business, for he embraces his family’s desire for selfless giving and providing for charities. As a strong advocate of advancing academic liberty, Frank Hanna III has also been a key component in building three new educational facilities in Atlanta.

His endeavors as a national leader in K-12 education reform earned for him the Philanthropy Roundtable’s William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership. He was also the co-chair of the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. What he learned in the business world and what he also practices in his philanthropy work, Frank Hanna III features in his radical new book entitled, What Your Money Means. In his book, Frank Hanna III puts in plain words the main reason and the purpose why people have money. He describes how using money correctly should be part of a person’s vocation. According to him, if all people could carry out this vocation seriously – it can dramatically change the face of American philanthropy in the ages to come.

Would you have realized that enjoying precious time loitering in your old man’s real estate company will most likely pave your way to business success in the future? That’s specifically what occurred to American businessman and banker Frank Hanna III.