Freeze Dried Food

On average a decent manufacturer of long life food will be able to offer shelf life of up to 25 years. The process to dehydrate the food will retain all the quality, taste and goodness. There are several methods used to produce long life food but the most popular are Freeze Drying or dehydration. Most food manufacturers that you find in your local market use this effective and safe method for prolonging the life of food. You simply just add water to re-hydrate the food and there is a large choice of all types of food that can be prepare quickly and easily.

Process for Freeze Drying

In freeze-drying, the product is first flash frozen and then placed in a vacuum drying chamber. The colour, shape or goodness is not affected by the removal of most of the moisture during the drying process.

The Dehydration method

In dehydration, food product moves through a drying chamber where air removes the moisture from the food. Non of the nutritional value is lost as the drying process is slow and at low temperature.

Many people buy Freeze Dried Food not just in case of emergency, but to eat every day because it tastes great! Compact and lightweight once the water is removed, freeze dried food is easily and conveniently stored taking less space than not processed foods. All you need to do to prepare is simply add water, so Freeze Dried Food is very quick and easy and economical. You can even rehydrate with cold water and eat as it is, perfect if you have no way of heating up the water or the food once re-hydrated. As freeze dried is lightweight you can carry far more food for the same weight that will therefore last you much longer.

You will find many previously prepared recipes ready to eat however you can also order meat and poultry, vegetables and fruit in loose or bulk and make up your own meals as you would do with fresh produce. Because you can store this food for many years it becomes a food insurance against emergency but also against the inflation we are experiencing in these troubled times.