Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria & Palma de Mallorca Climate & Temperature Soundbites

The winter Fuerteventura temperature in January ranges between 14.2 and 20.2 degrees celcius on average. In the spring time temperatures in Fuerteventura, Spain show average values of between 15.3 and 22.3 degrees of celcius in the month of April. In July the summer mean values for the Fuerteventura climate increase to between 20.1 and 26.9 degrees celcius. By the autumn average temperatures fall to between 19.1 and 25.4 degrees in the month of October.

The climate of Gran Canaria in the winter is cool with mean temperatures in the night falling to 14.9 degrees in February. In the day time temperatures reach a maximum of 21.0 degrees. Later in the year temperatures in Gran Canaria in May reach 23.1 degrees by day falling over night to 17.0 degrees celcius. In August the Gran Canaria temperature is in the range of 21.2 and 27.1 degrees before the Gran Canaria climate begins to cool in November when the mean maximum temp is just 23.8 degrees. At this time of the year the mean low temp is in the region of 17.9 degrees.

In the winter the climate in Mallorca has average temps by day peaking at 16.5 degrees celcius in December. At night time temps fall to a minimum of of 9.7 degrees. In the spring time temperatures in Mallorca reach 17.1 degrees by day in March falling at night time to around 9.5 degrees celcius. Later on in June Mallorca temperature averages are in the region of from 18.4 to 25.9 degrees. As the winter approaches the Mallorca climate has slightly cooler temperatures. In September maximum temperatures are approximately 27.1 degrees and minimum temperatures are about 19.8 degrees on average.