Get Your Information From The Nurses Mouth!

We have all heard that good nurses are in high demand at the moment.  Highly competitive salaries, great benefits, and thousands of locations that you can choose from are very tempting for anyone looking for employment opportunities.  For those just graduating from High School and are trying to decide where your future lies, the job description nursing benefits are very tempting, but you should be informed about what exactly your job will entail once you become a nurse.  It is definitely not the ideal job for those with a week stomach. 

The nursing profession can be broken up into many areas of expertise.  There are Registered nurses, Nurse practitioners, Home health nurses, and Nursing home nurses, to name a few.  Most of these positions share many of the same required skills.  These may include direct patient care, along with care and communication given to their family members.  With each patient the nurses will be expected to give repeated evaluations, constant monitoring and tracking of the patients vital signs.  Reports will need to be made to keep the doctors aware of the patient’s progress.  Procedures such as starting intravenous fluids, administering medicine and gathering specimens or blood samples must be performed.  Nurses are also frequently required to deliver messages to their patients, serve meals, clean patient rooms and make beds, help their patients eat, get dressed, showered, groomed and get daily exercise. 

Nurses also help maintain and inventory the hospital medical supplies.  They are responsible for sterilizing, storing, preparing, and issuing the necessary supplies for patient treatments and surgeries. They may also set up hospital equipment such as x ray machines, oxygen tents, or monitors to their patients.

The best way to get the information you may need to make an informed decision about the career path that is right for you is from the nurses mouth!  Getting first hand information will help you more than reading a job description for nursing.  Talk to the nurse, ask questions about their daily duties, and responsibilities.  Ask if you can observe them for a while as they interact and attend to the patients.  You will be able to get a feel for the job and help yourself be well informed about what is required of nurses.