golf swing basics to make you a better golfer

Simple steps to powerfull golf swing

The first step to a powerfull golf swing, is the downswing that will provide all the power necessary for you to hit accurate golf shots, that land in the fairway and on the green.The golf swing motion, is not as simple as it looks. The backswing is important for you, as it will get your body in the proper position to deliver the club face to the back of the golf ball.

The downswing is of equal importantance for you to know about because it is the downswing motion, that will deliver power to your golf shots. Beginning golfers, with practice, do manage to get their backswing correct, yet when it comes to the downswing, fail dismally. One of the reasons for that, during the downswing, golfers are expected to release the power and energy built up in the backswing motion, which beginner golfers have difficulty making the transition from backswing to downswing..

The first steps in starting your downswing,is the rotation of the hips. Though, in the process of releasing all the built-up energy, the arms and shoulders need to be uncoiled later.When you want to make a full, controlled golf swing, you have to understand how your body should move. There is of course a right way and a wrong way, getting your body to move in the correct motion is one of the most important parts of the golf swing. To learn more about your body motion, and other aspects of the golf swing check out, online golf lessons

The proper golf swing motion will have you shifting the weight from right foot to left foot. This is a crucial part of the downswing, which many novice golfers try to force at first, but with practice and the proper golf swing drills,you can make this movement unconsciously.To uncoil the body for a release of energy,your wrists should be in a slightly bent position. Remember, how you uncock your wrists will go on to signal how much power you are able to transmit to your golf shots. The later you are able to release the wrists, the better are your chances of achieving a golf swing release for maximum power in a golf swing