Home Cinema Design – where things are going

Almost everyone seems to have their own home cinema now but it is easy to get carried away with the low cost of the equipment and not do proper research the process of home “audio visual installation” before going to make a purchase. The fact is that “home cinema design” is a science. Quite apart from making sure all the components will actually work together you need to recognize that a large part of the home cinema experience you get is actually determined by the acoustics of your room. It is no good having a first rate audio visual installation if the furnishings in the room are too sound absorbent or too reflective because this will have a significant impact on the overall sound quality you experience.

You never think much about that when you are in the store do you!

Another thing to think carefully about is future-proofing your system. Technology does move on fast and whilst at the moment things are clearly moving towards high definition TV and probably blue-ray disk, even now the majority of displays are plasma or LCD. But what about high definition projectors?

High definition projector TV is probably the way things are ultimately going to go – at least until we all wear iGlasses! The advantage of a high definition projector is that when it is turned off, it is small. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in your living area and it is also capable of giving you an effective screen size bigger than anything else affordable.

By the way, after iGlasses must come direct to retina projection. Once we get there the issue of screen size will be totally irrelevant.