Horse Hoof Care Essentials

Learning about the fundamentals of horse hoof care is one of the most essential responsibilities of horse owners. A horse will not request you to clean and care for his feet, for that reason, you could not simply wait around for it to ask. You need to take the time to understand the best ways to keep your horse’s hooves in excellent condition.

Yet, unfortunately, there are a lot of cases that horses are actually put back in the stable despite the fact that their hooves aren’t checked at all. Many not skilled horse owners mistakenly believed that it is usually the farrier’s responsibility to clean up the hooves. But, contacting the farrier to shoe your own horse is never enough.
Proper horse hoof care usually starts by taking your time to clean up the hooves of your horse. Eliminate just about any dirt, muck, small stones or any other things that may have become lodged in the hoof.

It will probably only get you a couple of minutes each day to clean up your own horse’s hooves using a hoof pick. Your horse’s hoof wellness and convenience may be ensured if you are going to do it. By cleaning the horse’s hooves frequently, you will be able to check any possible damage.

Whenever you get rid of mud along with other caked on matter from your horse’s hoof, he is able to walk freely. In case you prefer your horse to be less sensitive to stone bruises, out of hand cuts and thrush infections, never fail to clean your horse’s hooves. The tiniest of the stones can even become caught in the grooves of the frog which could trigger great pain for the horse. This might lead to painful bruising when left uncontrolled which will make the horse to grow a limp.

Ensuring that the paddock area is drained properly and that also the stable floor will be held dry and clean are generally especially necessary. Standing in wet muck or even on damp ground for an long amount of time can easily harm your horse’s feet. Letting your horse stay in a constant moist environment can cause chips and cracks in your horse’s hooves.