Houston Wedding Venue

Your partner has proposed, and so you are preparing for the most perfect day of your life. One of the most important parts of your wedding day is the venue. You would love to wow your guests and show them the best time.  Making your day not just special, but perfection itself is the only way to go. Houston wedding venues can be the deciding factor between a great day and the most special, magical day of your life.
While it is, of course, essential to have a wonderful and romantic wedding, wedding receptions Houston will mean that your friends and familyhave somewhere beautiful to unwind and celebrate your big day with you. Hip and modern but comfortable, with an inviting warmth, you will be bowled over by our highly celebrated architecture and polite, positive staff.
You may be asking yourself if you must spend lots of money making a venue look wonderful. But if you look at 5226 elm in Houston, you will find that with our visually powerful ceilings, and floor to ceiling glass where you can look out over our lovely courtyard, that adding more decoration is really not required.
Maybe you are not just looking for a wedding reception, Houston. It could be that you’d like a Houston wedding venue where you can exchange your wedding vows, and have your photographs taken in sumptuous surroundings, and continue to enjoy the remainder of the wedding reception? 5226 elm has vast spacious courtyards where your friends and relatives can be seated beside our lily pond, with its luscious pink blooms. Your photographs will be delightful, with the wonderful background of our gardens.
Your friends and relatives are then free to peruse our lovely grounds, take in the delights of our rose-covered pergola, pass our softly rushing waterfall and rock pool.
Our in-house caterers will conjure up a sumptuous meal for your guests; we will cater for groups from 20 upwards. Whether you require a buffet or a three course meal, we will produce for everyone delicious fresh food they are sure to enjoy. Our full bar and winery will serve your drinks, and ensure that your guests are content and having a lovely day to remember.
Later on your guests can delight in the Studio Room with its high ceilings. It can be made into a ballroom with its sculptural lighting, a dance area and space for a musical band. You will enjoy the romance of your first dance in delightful elegant surroundings with your guests looking on.
Whether you require a wedding reception Houston, or you are searching for a complete wedding venue, you will see that 5226 elm will surpass your expectations and make your wedding the talk of the town – and that will make you the envy of your friends.
We offer a total service, and we put you first. Our venue will cater for all guests, and we are absolutely wheelchair accessable too. No-one is left out; we will produce the perfect day for you and all your guests.
We have produced many wedding receptions Houston and our experience shows. We understand that this is the most important day of your life and we want it to be as perfect for you and your guests as you do. This will be a day that you will look back on with happy memories for years to come, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.