How Fleas Could Cause Other Health Problems in Cats

If you have noticed your furry friend itching excessively recently or think you may have a flea infestation make certain you’re mindful of the peripheral problems fleas can create. Unfortunately fleas can also cause additional it may not cause something as long-term as diabetes in cats, it can cause a tapeworm infestation.

Cats may be allergic to flea bites and they may have an allergic reaction. Fleas can also carry feline worms so a flea problem may also come with tapeworms.

Once you verify you have fleas the priority is getting rid of them. Once you have treated for fleas you cat begin treating other cat health issues the fleas may have brought on.

Flea treatment will include treating your cat, your home and treating area outside where your cat spends time. Since it encompasses so many areas you’ll want to weigh all the possible treatments. If you have children, if any of your pets have problems with traditional flea products or if you do not like using chemicals it might be a good idea to consider natural flea treatment.

One of the most versatile of natural flea products is diaomaceous earth, a powder that dehydrates and kills fleas. Diatomaceous earth is safe enough to use right on your pets, plus you can dust it onto the carpet, around baseboards in your pet’s bed etc.

If you are searching for a conventional treatment one of the easiest to apply is the once a month topical, that is put on your cat’s back between the shoulder blades where she isn’t able to lick it. You’ll also want to treat your house with a flea treatment like a flea spray or flea bomb.

The other way to start eradicating fleas immediately is to vacuum every single day and dispose of the vacuum bag. Thoroughly clean the furniture, the carpet and everywhere your cat spends a lot of time in the home.

Always be sure to read and follow directions cautiously when using flea treatments because many contain components that can be bad for people and pets when not utilized appropriately.