How To Eliminate Boredom

Have you ever asked yourself “what to do when your bored“? I would say that that term has been uttered or thought of millions of times over the years and to be honest you are the only one who can answer that. Obviously there are countless things to do but you have to go through them and select one or even a handful that will take away that boredom.

When your bored your mental capacity diminishes cutting off your thought processes so thinking of things to do that are not boring becomes a challenge. The idea is to write down a list of things to do when your bored before boredom strikes you and that way you can simply go to the list and select something to do.

You are after something that stimulates the brain, stuff that chalenges you slightly or causes you to use your mind in solving something or beating a previous score in a game or plain old gets rid of boredom. The internet is a great place to find things to do when your bored. Doing a search for topics you are interested in quickly brings up a list of things to do.

Perhaps your thing is to play pc role playing games. There are many sites that allow you to play free rpg’s that will eliminate boredom. ( is one) You will have to put your thinking cap on here and come up with some things to do.

I know that being bored sux and that you do not really want to do mundane things like housework or chores around the house so why not beat boredom today by going online and search for something, anything to do that is not boring.