How to Handle a Down Economy

Pretty much all stories you hear or see today is about the downward economy. People are losing jobs, the cost of gas is inflating ; and then there is the feared’R’ word, Recession. As a leader, you are supposed to be optimistic and optimistic about the current economy. No matter where you go someone will ask you how business is really because it can be one of the barometers for the economy. You try to explain that you have no crystal ball and you have no idea the way in which the market is relative to your community, and you do this all with a chuffed face. After all , they could be a prospective customer. You then casually ask how their business is and they may say, reluctantly, they needed to buy a widget today but the economy feels lethargic and, they are just undecided about anything. Perhaps they can just save their money. They’ve a look on their face like they did you a favor by not getting a widget today! As they walk away they are saying thanks for your understanding of the economy, you will have saved them from investing in a widget, of all things. No sale today, maybe after the elections, inauguration or the New Year. Small Luxury Hotels

With the results of the bad economy we’re enduring, I saw on the news last night a story about a person who had been making close to $1 million a year, but’due to the bad economy’ he was now delivering pizza and penniless. He lost his home and the majority of his possessions. Similar scenarios of lost jobs, houses foreclosed and lives ruined appear to be going down everywhere right now. But one has to ask, WHY ARE other folks NOT BEING influenced by THIS BAD ECONOMY?

It has to do with something which has been part of humankind’s survival since the beginning of man’s existence. And it has to do with a more current ( the past 100 years or so ) generally held belief that has tried to remove this empowering approach to living by indoctrinating us that ‘man must learn to adjust to his environment. Guaranteed Fast Cash Loans

This may be the largest, most insidious lie ever told, though it is easily debunked : did man invent the wheel or did the environment? As one of gazillions of effective approaches to overcoming the problems of the environment, we at some particular point thought , we need to come up with a better method of moving large things. And so we did just that, just like we’ve done so many times before and some of us keep doing today ; despite the big lie we have been fed.

In that particular moment you wish that conversation hadn’t come up and long for the good old days when the news was lighter – when folk felt assured enough to want and buy a new widget. How are you able to not talk about the economy? How are you able to keep a positive angle when the economy stinks?

Sound familiar and painful? You know you need a positive spin to rev up your marketing team who are questioning the easiest way to meet their goals in such a dismal economy. Of course , they had the same talks with each other on your showroom floor. You may also have a little doubt in your own mind. If only you might just avoid the entire situation, perhaps it will all be different tomorrow.

STOP IT NOW! Stop talking about the economy! Stop telling individuals that business is slow. Stop all of the negative whining about the economy. JUST STOP IT! The more that you dwell on your perceived observation of the economy the more that you look for explanation you are right. STOP IT NOW!

So how will we defeat this bad economy? We all know that giving in to this environment ( adjusting to it ) would mean we would have to allow for a foreclosure on our houses, lose most of our possessions, and finish up in the poor house or even homeless ; maybe back to renting a loft at best. Because this is what this current economy is producing all on it’s own, untended, left to its own devices. And like an angry tiger needing to devour some delicious human beef, the one facing you’ll have its way unless YOU do something about it. Sell Gold Houston

realize that although there is a widespread economic condition, each person has their own private economy nevertheless. And in a poor commercial state one could analogize that each person had their own hungry, vicious tiger standing, ready to pounce, in front of every Yankee. And depending on what one does replying to this threat determines the result of each individual’s economy.

Below are four keys to making a positive and prospering market around you.

1. Target what you need. If you target the potholes while you are driving, you are going to hit the potholes. Instead, focus on a way around the potholes. When you’re talking to your staff or clients, indicate business is great and now is the perfect time to purchase. Never talk about how tight cash is for you ( or any one else, for what it’s worth ). Words trigger pictures that create feelings. How do you think people will feel if they hear the manager talking about how bad things are? You, as the leader or a team player, should talk about success and how great it is to work in a winning business.

2. Create a sense of price. Would you trade me an one-dollar bill for my twenty-dollar bill? It may be a good deal for you, but is it a fair deal for me? It is if I perceive the price of an one-dollar bill is worth a bit more than the twenty. Let’s say I am dying of thirst and the bottle of water requires an one-dollar bill. Then yes, it’s a great trade. Your job is to make value now that helps customers feel OK about their purchase.

three. Make a positive environment. The one place you talk about the slow economy is with your competitors. Let them believe that the market is bad if they so select. [**] you want people to feel good when they are in your home. So, take charge and a build powerful belief in your people and yourself that you can thrive in any economy because you have the best team, the best product, and the best location.

Four. Plant inspiring and positive ideas, discard negative ideas. Read positive material or hear inspiring CD’s – in other words, work on putting positive thoughts in your head. And, if you have to watch the news, the second it is over say to yourself ( out loud is even better ), I’m grateful that business is great at my place.

you might argue that I’m not sure how tough it is for you or what its like where you live. You’re right . I have traveled all over these great US and I have seen hundreds of people just like you, and they’re winning. Every day I see folk who know that no matter what is going on in the market, there are many ways to win in this economy. You have got a choice every day as to how you may face that day. Your decision is either of adversity or wealth. Folk who begin the day with a wealth perspective immediately think about creative methods to outsmart the market. Folk with a prosperity mindset look for ways to inspire folk to go where they did not assume they could go. Leaders with a prosperity mindset see the obstacles as an opportunity to win when others might see only problems.

how do you wish to feel when you go to bed each night? You can believe you may not survive this economy, or you can believe you can outsmart the economy. Fear or excitement. The choice is yours each and every day. Use it wisely, it’s a gift.