How to lose fat

If you’re like 75% or more of Americans, then you look at a cupcake and gain 5 pounds. While everyone wants to look and feel their best, it’s not always easy to do when the battle to do so is with yourself. By changing your perspective of that battle, you can make the fight much easier.

Fat is good for your body. While this may seem ridiculous, it’s true. Not only does it provide insulation, but also a means to store large amounts of both energy and toxins. Toxin storage is important for people who don’t drink enough water. You have to drink at LEAST half of your body weight in pounds, in ounces of water for your body to be able to properly flush any toxins out of your system.

While toxins are obviously bad for you, your body needs a place to put them when you aren’t drinking enough water. That place is fat. It is very difficult to lose fat if it is currently storing toxins since the alternative would be your organs. Some people will lose quite a lot of weight just by drinking enough water.

Second, most people cannot process hi glycemic carbohydrates well. This is problematic since the bulk of the carbs that Americans eat are in fact hi glycemic. When you eat these hi glycemic, or simple, carbs they break down very quickly compared to complex carbs. This rapid breakdown results in a spike in blood sugar. Your body answers this by flooding your system with insulin in order to take your blood sugar levels back down to a safe range.

This process is important. If not for insulin we would die if we ate too many carbs too quickly. It’s why diabetics are known for losing limbs and sight. Insulin prevents all this from happening. But that blood sugar doesn’t just disappear. It is all shipped off to your fat cells. You can prevent this by eating a low glycemic diet, a calorie cycling diet, or a ketogenic diet. Visit for more info.

As with any new diet or exercise program you should always consult your doctor before starting.