How to search for the right DJ

How to find the perfect DJ

There are many different ways to find a DJ. You can use traditional methods like the phone book, local directories, advertisements, etc. Or you could use the web. My preference is a Google web search.

The key to searching the web is to narrow down your search. For example, if you are searching for a DJ, when you search the word ‘DJ’, you will get a listing of every DJ site in the world. Be more specific. Try searching the words ‘DJ hire’. Google will search for DJs that are available for hire. To narrow this down even further, you should add your city or region. For example, ‘DJ hire Auckland‘, this will give a listing for all the DJs that are available for hire in Auckland. For the best results you should also add your country. Searching ‘DJ hire Auckland nz’ will give you a list of DJs that are available to hire in your region.

Now we have narrowed it down to DJs that are available for hire in your region, we want to narrow it down even further. We can now add the type of event we are having. For example, if we are celebrating a 21st birthday, then we would type ‘21st birthday DJ hire Auckland nz’, this would give us a list of DJs in our area that are able to DJ your 21st birthday .

Now search for a DJ that plays your music genre. You may want a DJ that is good at playing a certain type of music, for example HipHop & RnB. So you would type ‘HipHop & RnB DJ hire Auckland nz’. This would give you a list of DJs for hire in your region that are capable of playing HipHop & RnB.

Congratulatons. You have successfully narrowed down your search for a Dj for your next event. Remember to always narrow your search, for example ‘dj hire auckland nz‘. Now you must choose a DJ that fits your event.