How to Start Testing Video Games for a Living


There is a great deal of time and effort that needs to go into getting a job testing video games for a living. After all, it is not nearly as easy as everyone would like to think. You won’t get a job working as a beta tester from home, making hundreds of dollars a day and never needing to get out of bed.

Most game testers work hard with many hours and average pay from an office somewhere. However, those that get jobs testing video games will also find that they have a fast track to bigger and better careers in the field that can help them reach their ultimate career aspirations. That is the main reason many jump into game testing and a primary reason the field is so popular.

But for those that are just getting started in researching the requirements to be a Xbox game tester, stock needs to be taken of what can be done to become a game tester. After all, people are not going to get a career in a field where they just sit at home and make a ton of money – it doesn’t exist.

Rather, the freelance video game tester field requires that men and women be well trained, have the right mindset for what they are doing, and are willing to work hard on a daily basis to show that they are effective at testing video games. They deadlines are usually harsh while the time constraints of the job are often times very stressful. You’re going to find that the only route to being effective as a game tester is by knowing what is expected of you before you even apply for the job, then jumping into the field with knowledge in hand.

People will often take short classes on testing video games from a community college or read a book on the subject before they start trying to figure out if the career if right for them. This is the best route because without that early knowledge about what is involved in the career and what can be expected when testing video games for a living, many people get stuck in jobs they don’t like for a long time because they had a completely wrong impression of what they would be doing when they got there.