How You Can Make A Well Used House Safer

Old houses can be great to live in. Older homes have character and personality that you don’t see in newer homes. Regrettably, older homes are often less secure than newer ones. This is because these homes were built back in the days when it was safe to leave your door unlocked. For this reason, it can be difficult to secure an old home. In fact, many folks haven’t even realized that their older homes are less secure than newer ones.

In this article I’ll go over some of the places where older homes lack security. In addition to this, I’ll give you step by step instructions on how to make these houses safer to live in.

The door is the first issue most older homes have. A simple search on the Internet and anybody can pick the lock of an older home. You’ll want to change out the lock as soon as possible. Opt for a double lock with a nice deadbolt that can’t be unlocked without a key.

Another area relating to the door is the door frame. Older houses have wooden door frames that have been around for ages. These door frames can become weak with age and can easily be kicked in. Having a strong door won’t matter if your door frame is weak.

Following this, go ahead and get yourself a good burglar alarm. When you read through alarm systems, you’ll find that the best alarm systems to buy are cellular monitored, wireless systems, with home automation. These types of systems are the absolute best in home security technology, but even if you can’t buy the top alarm system, you should still consider getting an alarm system.

Once you’ve taken care of the doors and added a home security system to them, you’ll want to go ahead and take care of the outside of your home. Many older houses have lots of trees and bushes around them. Trees and bushes are beautiful, but they can be dangerous as well. The reason for this is that criminals like to hide behind trees and bushes. Make sure you clear away any bushes or trees that criminals can hide behind and you’ll eliminate this threat.

Now that the exterior of your home has been cleared of criminal concealing shrubbery, you’ll want to add home security lights to the outside of your home. These lights can be motion sensing lights or permanent lights. Just make sure that they are always turned on at night for maximum protection. Light up your lawn and criminals will easily be seen walking across it.

Since your lawn is now nice and bright, you can add some home security cameras to it. Place some nice home security cameras around your property and you’ll have full view of anything and anyone that might be trying to burglarize your home.

Thanks for reading this article on securing an older home. Apply these security tips to your older home and you’ll be able to enjoy the history and personality of your old home without sacrificing the safety of you and your family.