iPhone Insurance Meets the Apple i phone App

Thousands of new iphone owners have found some important dicoverys over the last 18 months. First, they’ve learned that there are thousands upon thousands of apps available for their phones. That makes it so they are able to do all sorts of things with an iPhone that they wouldn’t be able to do with virtually any other phone. The second point though hinders the first in some scense though, as it’s all that sorting through of all the multiple offerings to find the top apps is almost impossible.

By early 2009 when the new iPhone 3GS was made available in the UK, there were around sixty five thousand iPhone apps available for downlaod. There were seventy thousand apps in the app store after the 3GS launched. No one could ever look through all of those unless they were severely bored, had a lot of time on their hands, and, let’s face it, had no life. So this makes quite a big problem, how are you ment to find the app you are looking for?

Apple did try to make this easy from the word go. It didn’t work. In their defence though, it’s very unlikely that they anticipated a response that was even close to what they got. The app store filled up faster than they’d have imagined and users snapped those apps up even faster. Their goals for simplicity quickly failed as a result of that success.

The first methods introduced for finding the best iPhone apps were categories. Games, utilities, research apps, and so on, were all separated from each other for easy sorting. Then there were the top twenty apps that were displayed in an ever changing list on the phone and on iTunes. Those things didn’t work out so well because it just became over saturated. It also didn’t work because the best apps weren’t necessarily the ones that were downloaded the most.

There is one app that is missing and that is the one to compare iphone insurance cost and service levels of different iphone insurance cover providers, as the policy your network carrier will offer you at the time you take out your 18 or 24 month iphone contract is likely to be more expensive than other 3rd party iphone insurance providers.

Now there are some things on the app store that have changed. For one thing, they made more categories. Then they made subcategories. Things like games are divided up into arcade style, puzzles, and more. That makes looking for the type of app you want easier. Also, a top twenty five list is included for each categorey.

Apple also went so far as to introduce a top grossing section. This has made a bit of difference for those looking for the best apps because, let’s face it, the better apps often cost more and that means they are downloaded less. The result of that has always been that the expensive apps couldn’t make it into the original top twenty five list. Now they stand a better shot at making the top grossing list.

Apple also introduced a Genius feature meant for apps. It suggests new apps that you should download based on the apps you already have. This is riddled with problems, but has given users a bit of help at least.

At the end the end of the day, i phone owners will still have to find their desired apps the old fashioned way. That is, they’ll have to scroll through page after page of apps. Companies introducing new and innovative apps send out press releases, and when the press sees something worth raving about they’ll let you know. This is far from ideal or convenient, but on the other hand it is not really anything different than finding a good CD or DVD, even your favorite book. Market saturation is nothing strange to the consumer in any market.

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