Is Mobile Marketing a Good Fit For My Small Business?

If you are like most small businesses, you are constantly trying to drive more leads to your business to generate more customers and revenue for you.

With all the buzz around online marketing, social media, local search marketing, and social networking you may be lost in the weeds. The worst part is that many of these tools are very valuable to the small business owner as a marketing tool. The problem becomes overwhelm.

Many small businesses choose to hire a social media manager or marketing consultant to help them succeed. Others choose to go it alone and squeeze the tasks into their already busy day.

If you haven’t heard of mobile marketing, you need to pay attention.

Mobile Marketing trends are on the rise. The best part is that we can now target a marketing message based on someones physical location. With the GPS technology built in the smart phones, we can send coupons, advertisements, and specials to prospects driving by our business. WOW! Pretty cool right.

I suggest you spend some time to investigate this trend or talk to a mobile marketing consultant and start creating your mobile strategy right now before your competitors do.

At a minimum, get a local profile setup on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This way your business will show up on the mobile maps. From there you can expand to more advanced tactics.

The most important piece is have a solid strategy before you build on with tactics. Understand how mobile marketing tactics can enhance your current marketing system.

Get mobile, and fast…