Key Largo is a wonderful spot to relax

Whenever my spouse and i vacation we only plan as far as the airline tickets and where we are going to stay the first day we get there. We believe it makes for a more enjoyable experience because you can just go where you want to go; you’re not locked in one place. It will however backfire when you’re having an extremely good time, we were in Naples, Florida, that you simply forget to book your room for that night, and everything’s reserved because there is some huge boat exhibit happening. Fortunately we did have a pretty spacious rental car so we slept in that, although I don’t know if you would say that was lucky or not, nonetheless at least we had the car.

After a pretty sleepless night, I’d been positive we were going to get killed, we brought out the smartphone and started searching for any vacation rental that was available and we came across one in Key Largo. It took us around three hours to get there but I thought that was more than worth the effort to not have to sleep in the car yet again. I didn’t truly know what to expect with Key Largo. I’m sure I thought it might be like a retirement community, but I was happily surprised when we arrived. It’s so beautiful and the people are amazingly nice.

The Key Largo rental property that we stayed in was privately operated and it was part of a small area of other Key Largo rentals on the ocean. I would personally have been satisfied with merely a clean bed, but it really had everything. There was a terrific swimming pool that we took advantage of right away with a couple much needed beverages. The staff was extremely welcoming and genuine. They recommended some terrific places to eat and I loved the entire laid back feel from the place. I believe that’s what I appreciated so much about Key Largo was the environment. No one appeared stressed or in a hurry and everybody I met had a smile on their face, a real one too not a forced one.

We were initially only going to stay in Key Largo for one day, however the Key Largo rental cottage that we were in was so nice and they had this cute little sitting area on the water so we chose to stick around another night and we grilled shrimp, drank margaritas and looked out over the water.

We’ve got plans to return but this time around we are absolutely going to make accommodation arrangements beforehand to avoid sleeping in the car again, nonetheless it made for an interesting story to my family and friends so it was sort of worth the trouble.