Learn to swing trade.

How would you like to take control of your financial future? Teaching yourself the skill of trading stocks could change your life. Swing trading is a wonderful way to build your account and wealth. Technically, swing trading involves entering a trade with intentions of holding for 1 to 4 days and taking a 5% to 10 % win. This type of trading requires a cognition of technical indicators. Likewise, knowing the companies you’re trading. High beta stocks are best for this type of trading because they tend to move fast. The best way to learn swing trading techniques is to join a trading service. Jason Bond Picks is one of the best swing trading websites out there. Bond offers many products that are designed to do one thing “help his clients to become more successful traders”. Jason announces his swing trades as soon as he enters. He alerts his entries and exits by email, text messages and in his live chat room. Bond has a winning swing trading record. His portfolio has increased over $136,000 so far this year. He has made a strong commitment to his business and customers. Not only does he alert profitable trades but teaches a way of trading that anyone who’s willing can learn. His passion is teaching and he never avoids a teaching moment.

A few of his past swing trades:

MJNA +60% $8,175 win 8/29-8/30

TVIX +11% $5,025 profit 8/26-8/27

GEVO +11% $3,375 profit 8/23-8/26

AAMRQ +10% $$2,600 profit 8/15-8/19

I’ve witnessed him do this time and time again. His motto is “rinse and repeat”. Here is what a couple of his clients are saying.

WOW. Thank you Jason, Luke and moderators. I will be sending a testimony soon. I made over half my monthly salary this week alone.” ~ Carolyn H.

Thanks for all your help. Out GEVO last week plus $6700 and out today of NUGT $4870. I have spent a lot of time in another service that just disappointed me. Your service is great. Your style of teaching is just what I needed as well as your standards for the chat room. All positive, which is what we all need in fighting the market beast! Thanks again and looking forward to a long relationship.” ~ Michael S.

Learn to trade the markets and change your future.